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Last updated December 10, 2018

Food Scrap Diversion

We're currently collecting about 60 gallons of food scraps per week, and the volume grows every week. Since launching our business in October of 2018, we've collected approximately 500 gallons of food scraps, diverting them from the local landfill where they would have decomposed anaerobically, emitting harmful methane.

Yard Waste Diversion

While we aren't yet collecting yard waste as a service for our members, we have made ad hoc arrangements to compost approximately 4 cubic yards of yard waste. We'll be offering Christmas tree recycling to our members after the 2018 holiday season, and will begin offering yard waste collection to our members in the spring of 2019.

Food Waste Redistribution

Food Rescue BadgeWhenever possible, we volunteer as drivers for Food Rescue US, shuttling unused food to shelters and pantries around Albuquerque. Not only does this reduce pre-consumer food waste, but it helps our community address hunger and food insecurity.

Carbon Footprint

No climate defender feels great driving around in a gas guzzling pickup truck, no matter how righteous their work may be. That's why we've tracked every gallon of gas we've used since starting Little Green Bucket. We're still evaluating which carbon offset program we want to participate in, but as soon as we've chosen one we'll retroactively offset all our gas usage. Once we're caught up, we'll begin looking at other ways to measure, reduce and offset other aspects of our environmental impact.