Referral Program

To encourage our members to tell their friends about our service, we offer a referral program.

How it works:

  • You, the member, get a unique referral link to share with friends and family.
  • When a friend follows your link and becomes a member of our residential pickup or dropoff program, they get their first month of service for free!
  • Once your friend has been a member for three months, you’ll get a referral bonus applied to your compost account: $15 for pickup members, $5 for dropoff members, and $30 for commercial accounts.
  • Example: Bob is a weekly pickup member and pays $36/mo. Bob sends his referral link to Linda, who signs up for a $20/mo biweekly pickup membership. Linda’s first month is free. Three months later, if Linda sticks around, Bob gets a $15 bonus on his account, so he pays just $21 for his next month of service, instead of his usual $36.

Our referral program is run through a 3rd party service called Referral Candy.

The “fine print”
  • If a referee purchases an annual membership, no additional discount will be applied, but the referrer will receive a referral reward based on the corresponding monthly rate.
  • Non-members can join our referral program by request, and their rewards will be distributed as gift cards to our commercial customers or other partners.
  • Commercial accounts are currently not eligible for discounts through our referral program, as either referrer or referee. Personal referrals that lead to new commercial accounts will result in a $30 referral bonus.
  • The three month requirement may be relaxed in the future. We’re using it for now to ensure that a surge of referrals won’t jeopardize our ability to pay our staff. The delayed reward distribution spreads out the discounts so we’ll maintain reliable cashflow.