About Little Green Bucket

Little Green Bucket is Albuquerque’s only residential food scrap collection business. Founded by Brad Weikel in 2018, we seek to build a community of local residents committed to diverting their food waste away from landfills and putting it to good use in local soils instead. 

Our Team

Brad Weikel, Founder
Jason, Washer
Alex, Operations Manager
Isaac, Driver
Mackenzie, Driver
Amalia, Driver

Where does your food waste go?

100% of the food waste we collect ends up at Soilutions’ compost facility in the South Valley.  It is then recycled into nutrient-rich compost products and sold back to local farmers and gardeners. More about Soilutions, in their own words:

Soilutions provides products, education, and services that support sustainable relationships between people and their environment. We do this through three divisions – our Compost Facility recycles green waste into compost and mulch that protect and nourish the earth; Food Waste Management makes food waste recycling happen by providing recycling services and education; and Adaptive Terrain Systems provides experienced, hands-on consulting services on erosion control and stormwater management. It’s all about creating long term health and prosperity in our community. It’s about stewardship.