Community Drop-Off Opportunities

Our drop-off program currently uses a self-service model. Members receive an access code to a gated storage area, and exchange their buckets at their convenience.

Become a member and pay just $12/month for weekly drop-offs. You’ll receive your access code via email.

Getting to our drop-off hub: The hub is on the west end of our building at 901 12th St NW. From 12th St NW, turn west onto Granite, then pull into our parking lot on the right. The map below needs to be updated, but the self-service dropoff station is roughly where the blue rectangle is.

What happened to our pay-as-you-go option?

When we switched to this 24/7 self-service model for drop-offs, instead of Saturday morning popup events, we had no choice but to eliminate both our pay-as-you-go option, as well as our free drop-off program for SNAP recipients. We hope to offer more affordable drop-off options in the future.