Residential Pickup Service

Our residential pickup service is the easiest way for Albuquerque area residents to divert their food waste away from the landfill. We currently service all of Albuquerque and Los Ranchos. In Rio Rancho and Corrales, some areas are limited to biweekly service. In Bernalillo and the South Valley, homes are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

How it works:

  1. We’ll drop off one of our 4 gallon buckets.
  2. You fill it with food scraps. On your collection day, leave your bucket outside.
  3. We’ll swap it for a clean one and haul the scraps away for composting.

That’s it!

Membership Plans

We currently offer two residential membership plans:

Weekly Membership

$40/mo + tax

We recommend our weekly plan to most households who prepare a lot of fresh meals at home, as well as anyone who just wants a fresh, clean bucket every week.

Become a Weekly Member

Biweekly Membership

$22/mo + tax

Our most popular plan is best for smaller households that don’t prepare all of their meals at home and want to save a little money by alternating weeks.

Become a Biweekly Member

Not sure which plan is right for you?
Pick one and see how it goes for a month. You can change plans at any time.

Outside our current service area?
Pre-register and we’ll get there faster!