Little Green Bucket

If you live outside our initial service area, you can pre-order service and ensure that you’ll be among the first customers we reach when we add a route through your area. Pre-orders help us decide where we should be expanding.

Price: $1.00 to pre-order. When we expand to your neighborhood, we’ll check in to be sure you still want to activate your membership, and to help you choose between our $36/mo weekly service and our $20/month biweekly service.

Note: upon checkout, you will see text and receive emails that contradict the details above. This is a constraint of our website’s payment processor. Rest assured that you will only be charged $1 initially, and won’t be charged again until we’re ready to expand to your area AND have confirmed your service preferences. The $1 pre-order charge will be applied to your first month of service. 

Pre-order or . (Don’t worry, you can change your mind later).