2020 Pumpkin Rescue!

Every year, nearly two billion pounds of pumpkins are grown in the United States, and roughly two thirds of them go straight to the landfill after Halloween. The resulting landfill gas emissions are comparable to putting an extra 25,000 cars on the road for a year!

Please don’t let your pumpkins be a part of this massive food waste problem . . . bring them to us instead! From November 7th through November 21st, we’ll have a bin outside our headquarters for you to drop off your pumpkins and other squash. The yucky ones will be composted, while the yummy ones will be fed to the pigs at Polks’ Folly Farm.

Our pumpkin recycling stand is open to members AND to the general public. A few rules:

  • Pumpkins and squash only.
  • Please remove candles and wax.
  • No paints, unless 100% plant-based.
  • If the bin is nearly full, or there is any sort of mess, text us at (505) 819-3447 so we can come over to make space and tidy up.

We’re located at 901 12th St NW in the “Desert Sunset Fabric Designs” building, and the bin is around back. Please park in the street or the back lot — don’t take up restaurant parking.

Thanks, everyone!

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