4 ways to support us (and other local businesses) this Small Business Saturday

Every year, squeezed between the chaotic overconsumption of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, comes a more conscious shopping day: Small Business Saturday. Never has this day been more important than in 2020, when the pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many small businesses. We’ve been very fortunate to be able to continue operating at full … Read more

2020 Pumpkin Rescue!

Every year, nearly two billion pounds of pumpkins are grown in the United States, and roughly two thirds of them go straight to the landfill after Halloween. The resulting landfill gas emissions are comparable to putting an extra 25,000 cars on the road for a year! Please don’t let your pumpkins be a part of … Read more

Compost ratios, demystified

Today’s post arises from a question I saw in a Facebook group awhile back: Question: I’m locked in a dispute with my son over best composition of our compost heap. He says 20:1 carbon over nitrogen. I’d always heard: 4:1. Who’s right? Or are we both wrong? For the backyard composter, input ratios are exceptionally … Read more

Video: Inclusive Hiring Day, 2020

Today, by executive order of Mayor Tim Keller, Albuquerque celebrated “Inclusive Hiring Day”. Our friends at Mandy’s Farm invited me to share with them a video about my experience hiring an employee with a disability. I was delighted to see the video posted today on their social media accounts: In addition to the Little Green … Read more

Little Green Bucket featured on KRQE

Last fall, just weeks after our business debuted, KRQE reporter Brittany Bade rode along on my very first day of compost collection. My talking points have come a long way since then, so this piece gives me the giggles now, but I still feel so grateful to have received such supportive coverage on the nightly news so early in this endeavor.

Albuquerque man launches convenient composting business